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Remember when we read about touchscreen and ebook before those things exist? Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find myself a nice towel.

You’re not carrying one? Come on, my frood! 

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Found this awesome book in a vintage shop for $10!! It was published in 1959 and has all these cool sci-fi short stories. Such a good find!

Power of the Sun: Elusive Solar Neutrinos Detected, a Cosmic First

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You know you’re in a theatre full of whovians when they start playing with the reflections from they’re phones on the screen because the episode was delayed. They played leap frog and made atoms.
Also note the sonic screwdriver in the background.


Answers in Genesis has it’s own “Astronomer.”

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Illuminated Code From Space

By Haari Tesla

Every time I see these photos on my dash I have to reblog. So incredibly beautiful.

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Reblog if it’s okay to start talking to you because you are nice and shit.

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Orion constellation

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Coming soon:, launched by entrop-e, shychemist, and geogallery, is Tumblr’s project for promoting science education around the world.

At SciNote, we believe that science shouldn’t just be reading about the ideas of people with PhDs and Nobel Prizes. We believe that science is an active process of asking questions and finding answers.

That’s why we, at SciNote, want to hear from you. We want to ponder the interesting questions you pose and get excited with you over the cool science you see in your world.

SciNote will feature the best of the Tumblr science community, and we will compile and publish the top posts from every year in the form of a magazine available both digitally and in print. Think of SciNote magazine as the Tumblr science magazine.

We hope to celebrate our launch by featuring some of the coolest science from around Tumblr. So before we launch SciNote, we would like to collect 25 science posts and/or questions from you, including:

  • the most interesting science news you have come across
  • questions you’ve always wanted to ask
  • fascinating facts that you’ve learned
  • pictures of nature and/or science that you’ve taken
  • cool research that you’ve participated in
  • any other science-related thing you’d like to tell us!

So please:

  1. Submit posts or ask questions to be featured on our blog and for an opportunity to be published in SciNote magazine.
  2. Follow our blog at
  3. Read more about our project here.
  4. If you’re interested, apply to join our staff here.
  5. Reblog this post so that we can collect 25 posts and launch our project as soon as possible!

Thank you all and happy science!

I am so ridiculous excited about this. SciNote and SciNote mag have the ability to truly broadcast our collective Tumblr Science Side Community efforts out into the world in a way no other social media network has ever done. Signal boost this and let’s gooooo….

This is so awesome! I can’t wait to science!!


Adam Ferriss 

Artist on Tumblr

Adam Ferriss is a photographer and digital media artist based in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to his artistic practice, Adam runs the photography labs at Otis College of Art and Design. His most recent projects involve creating tri-chromatic color separation photographs and algorithmically restructuring pixel array data.

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A roboticist from Harvard has built 1,024 quarter-sized robots that can swarm into any shape their creator draws using a computer program he created. The robots receive the pattern wirelessly and then use sensors to scoot around until the shape is replicated.  This video shows the robots in action, but is sped up to convey what actually takes hours to accomplish.



Apollo 8 Earthrise (stabilized)

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Reblog if you’re Canadian ♥

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